Mallorca 2018 Day Seven: Waterworld

We had done our prep.  Walked out to the Playa de San Joan and, cycled up the switchbacks to the Ermita de la Victoria.  We’d seen signs for hikers all over the peninsular and had acquired enough maps from the Port de Pollenca Tourist Infomation to create our own atlas.  We were all ready to summit the peak, a peak, one of the peaks.

However, with the contents of the Mediterranean being lifted up and poured down on the island, some of it on the peaks as snow, the weather had significantly different plans for us. Holed up until the early afternoon, we finally ventured out first to see the Beer Lovers Brewery in the Old Town before scaling the walls and having a wander around them.  Interestingly, with their convenient steps and hand rails, this was a lot easier to do than if I was an invading horde back in the middle ages.

After a coffee near the gates, we headed off, past a colony of stray cats playing games with each other, or acting out a real life version of Top Cat (minus Officer Dibble).  It was then a toss up of what to do… go to the beach and check out a lake, or go off in search of more Hanna Barbera characters. With the first sign of sunshine for 24 hours, and the Burger King sign finally being visible to more than just me, we were well rewarded for the decision just to go sightseeing.

The city walls

The Beach

And once we had done, we headed back, but not without first taking an opportunity for checking out the local Lidl and their random selection of really useful tools and satisfying our thirst and hunger with a Weisse Beer and the largest plate of Pimientos de Padron I had ever seen.

Exploring Alcudia


 Route Profile

Alcudia: 9.55km / 3.7 miles