Mountnessing March

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Not a lot to say about this walk really, except it is getting really difficult to name them.  I am going to have to go with the slightly dull, but nevertheless alliterative, Mountnessing March.

The actual route is based on Brentwood Council’s 6.5 mile long  Ingatestone & Mountessing Countryside Walk .  As I am trying to avoid driving to walks, mine is extended so I can start and finish at home, but technically, the start is at Ingatestone Hall, which has ample parking.

Unfortunately my new Brashers didn’t get a maiden voyage this week.  Having run out of ideas of how to clean the centimetre deep Donington mud from my Merrells, I decided to see if I could walk them clean.  This wasn’t entirely unsuccessful, and I now feel confident that I won’t have to burn them any time soon.

On a mildly nerdy note, I used Runtastic to record the walk which shows each kilometre marker and gives a table of how quickly I walked them.  I haven’t forsaken my Memory Map device, but with very little charge I thought I would use my phone instead.

 Distance Speed Elevation GainElevation Loss
1.0 km5.74 km/h11 m
2.0 km5.59 km/h10 m9 m
3.0 km5.94 km/h16 m
4.0 km6.70 km/h18 m
5.0 km6.40 km/h14 m16 m
6.0 km6.62 km/h10 m
7.0 km6.54 km/h5 m6 m
8.0 km6.63 km/h7 m
9.0 km6.97 km/h19 m
10.0 km6.56 km/h9 m 

Mountnessing Windmill

St Giles Church, Mountnessing

Mountnessing March


 Route Profile

10.1 miles / 16.18km