The Viper

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So, I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t be going out today as I really had too much work to do around the flat, but by 12:30, I had cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the carpets and polished lots of stuff to within an inch of their lives.  There was nothing on the telly-me-box, it was hot and sunny and I fancied a pint.  The only thing is, my pub of choice, The Viper at Mill Green, was 12 miles away.  On the plus side it makes a cool name for a walk!

It was on paths I used last week so I didn’t need to concentrate too much, except when I wandered in to a field looking for the exit for hours (well, minutes) only to realise it wasn’t the field I thought it was.  I am sure there is a lesson there around concentrating on navigation and knowing where I am at all times that I won’t bother to learn!

St Giles’ Church Graveyard, Mountnessing

Farmland, Essex

It was amazing how much stuff had grown in the last week.  Just enough for the wildlife to hide itself away and then spring up unexpectedly.  I was confronted my many rabbits, a few foxes (which, as we all know from the educational video, Watership Down, is the enemy of the rabbit), squirrels and a pheasant which I startled from its resting place in the long grass, which in turn startled me as it flew off.  I also swallowed a fly, but the queue of animals lining up to jump in after it was far too worrisome so I spat it out immediately.  Of course there was a Viper, but that was a pub, so technically doesn’t count.  It sold a beer called VIPA, but still that doesn’t count!

Spring sprungin

Lone Poppy

Equipment wise, my toe finger socks aren’t that durable and I seem to be putting a hole in the thumb toe of the left sock.  Who knew that this would also become a beauty blog, but I must keep my nails in better order otherwise I will get through socks quicker than a, erm, thing that eats socks really quickly.

In other kit news, the button fell off my Graghopper trousers  before I went out so I am going to have to find needle and thread: Great British Sewing Bee, here I come!

The Viper


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17.33 miles / 27.9km